There must be something in the water ‘Down Under’ because we have another amazing Aussie making huge waves over in the US. Ralphy bounced on the LA scene in 2016 with her single ‘LOVER,’ followed by her debut EP ‘PEACELOVER.’ Since then the LA-based independent pop sensation RALPHY has been receiving an overwhelming response to her music and live performances.

Performing over the past two years, Ralphy now releases her highly anticipated single ‘HESITATE.’ Mixing it up from her previous releases, Ralphy gives you a slick pop/R&B vibe. The introduction of the trap beat in the second chorus adds an unexpected dynamic that elevates the song to a place we didn’t know we were going.

This sexy, sultry songstress has become increasingly known for her amazing live performances and her ability to lift her audience into a beautiful space of love & freedom. RALPHY is a proud advocate of equal rights, women’s rights, gay pride and of course this EP is all about highlighting the need for social accountability.

We suggest you get on the Ralphy train now, because this indie-pop artist has many tricks up her sleeve she’ll be unleashing over the next year.

‘HESITATE’ available now on iTunes and Spotify

“I just want the world to remember gratitude and how good it feels to be in the moment, have fun and respect each other. We are all so lucky to have this thing called life and we owe it to ourselves to live it with LOVE.”

Ralphy xo