The ‘PEACE LOVER’ EP has not stopped playing in my car, at work, when I exercise, you name it. I am so happy I took a chance; RALPHY is a phenomenally talented artist with an extremely sensual persona. I love the vocals, the music, the lyrics, everything about her… Continue Reading

RALPHY’s sound is sexy, stimulating and totally addictive. Since making the leap to the U.S, this Melbourne born Aussie pop-siren has been taking the underground L.A club scene by storm..With her disco-ball in hand and intoxicatingly sensual beats, avante-garde style and mesmerizing stage presence… Continue Reading

RALPHY is also known as quite the ‘Fashionista’ after establishing her own boutique label ‘Swanlea’ in 2006. As an Entertainer, RALPHY combines her love for music and fashion into an art form making her live performances unforgettable!… Continue Reading

Finally! The single RALPHY fans have been waiting for is here, and the timing of this release could not be more perfect! Known for her popularity amongst the LA gay club scene, ‘Lover’ is the perfect track… Continue Reading (Scroll to page 18) are absolutely loving the tracks, especially “lover”. John @ MusUk describes it as “If Madonna or Kylie was to do a collaboration with The Pet Shop Boys or Jeffree Star… Continue Reading